Globe Khamar Prokalpa Limited Tetulia, Panchagarh, Bangladesh
Globe Khamar Project is an agro-based socio-economic farm. Among our products; fruits like; mango, litchi, lemon and Burmese Grape (Lotkon). Our products are being continued to be improvised through relentless research.
We want to reach our product at the peoples doorsteps in order to fulfill peoples demand. For these purposes, sales centers are being set up at the different parts of Bangladesh. The key feature of our products is that they are fully formalin-free. After filling local demand we are committed to gain foreign currency by exporting them and hereby play a valuable role in the economy of Bangladesh.
Fruit Garden: (1) Mango-5000 Tree (2) Litchi- 5000 Tree (3) Lemon-10,000 tree (4) Burmese Grape (Lotkon) -200 Tree (5) Tea Garden. Comprising of 75 acres of land.
Products of Globe Khamar Prokalpa Limited
Adult unemployment is colossal in rural areas of Bangladesh. All members of the family are forced to search for work. Resources are limited to survive everday life with basic needs. To help change this situation Bangladesh Foundation has established a fishing project to provide earning for the poor people.
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