About Us
The journey of this giant industrial organization started in early 1969 when the founder Mohammad Atiqullah Khan Masud was 17 years old and studying in the college. His Aggressive endeavour, dynamic leadership, forceful persuasion and his acumen to manage the business efficiently made him so much successful that today he owns number of industrial units under the name widely known as Globe Janakantha Shilpa Paribar(GJSP). Hard work, honesty, dedication and devotion of the top executives, officers and general employees of all the industrial units and head office itself has a great contribution to the success of the organization.

GJSP with an excellent goodwill and entrepreneurship today committed to the economic growth of Bangladesh through rapid industrialization with modern concept and technology.

The names and the activities of the successful industrial units of GJSP are:

Globe Insecticides Ltd., Globe Metal Complex Ltd., Globe Cables Limited, Janakantha Limited., Globe Khamar Prokalpa Ltd., Globe Construction Ltd., Globe Technologies Ltd.

The total expected yearly turnover of Globe Janakantha Shilpa Paribar (GJSP) would be US$100 million or Tk.500 crores. Number of employees working in this organization are over 2500.

Our Companies
Globe Insecticides Limited
Globe Metal Complex Limited
Globe Printers Limited
Janakantha Limited
Globe Construction Limited
Globe Cables Limited
Globe Khamar Prokalpa Limited
Globe Technologies Limited
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